【Inteview:「Mad at Disney」by salem ilese 】「私はディズニーに怒ってるの」で人気シンガー独占インタビュー

you don’t need a prince to be a princess! We women are strong and courageous all on our own, and despite what the movies may tell you, not in need of saving. 「お姫様になるのに王子様は必要ありません!私たち女性自身はみんな強くてそれぞれ勇気があり、映画のなかでどう描かれていたとしても、いつも助けを求めているとは限らないのです。」

The song “Mad at Disney,” which begins with the lyrics “I’m mad at Disney,” spread explosively on TikTok and won the top spot on Spotify’s “Global Viral 50.” We had an exclusive interview with the young singer-songwriter “salem ilese” who changed her life by posting one song and became Cinderella!

「私はディズニーに怒っているの」という痛烈な歌詞で始まる楽曲「Mad at Disney」は、TikTok上で爆発的な広がりを見せ、Spotifyの”Global Viral 50“で、なんと首位を獲得。一曲の投稿で人生を変え、まさにシンデレラストーリーを作った若きシンガーソングライター”salem ilese”に独占インタビューさせていただきました!

@salemilesedis is my song “mad at disney” 🙂 thank you to everyone giving it love!💞 ##madatdisney ##fyp♬ Mad at Disney – salem ilese


– Is the lyric based on your actual experience?



Yes, I grew up watching all of the Disney princess movies over and over again, totally buying into the “fairytale” myth. 


Disney tricked me in the sense that a small part of me had always hoped to find my prince and have that life-altering true love’s kiss.


Instead, I got my heart broken multiple times, and learned that there are many different types of love. It rarely looks or feels like a fairytale, but that doesn’t make it any less real.

その代わりに私は何度も失恋し、さまざまな種類の愛があることを学びました。おとぎ話のような恋愛ではなかったかもしれないけど、 だからそれが嘘だってことじゃない

Also, you don’t need a prince to be a princess! We women are strong and courageous all on our own, and despite what the movies may tell you, not in need of saving.


salem ilese – mad at disney (official lyric video)


– How did your life change with the song going viral?



Having a song blow up in quarantine is a very funny feeling. On one hand, my life has completely changed in the span of a few weeks.


I suddenly have a platform of sweet and supportive people from around the world.


It feels like I made 1 million new friends. Strangers actually know the lyrics to my song! I’ve been able to talk to people I never dreamed I’d have the pleasure of meeting.


But, on the other hand, my life hasn’t changed a bit. I still spend the vast majority of my time on my couch, working from home or playing with my pets.


This all happened so fast that I don’t think I’ll truly believe it until I get to play “Mad at Disney” in front of a crowd of people. Ironically, I feel like I’m in a Disney movie! I’m so incredibly grateful for everyone listening and supporting.

色々なことがあまりにも早く起こったので、大勢の人の前で「マッド・アット・ディズニー」を歌うまでは、本当に信じられないと思います。皮肉なことに、私は今ディズニー映画の中にいるような気がしています! 私の曲を聞いてサポートしてくれる全ての人に、とても感謝しています。


– Would you tell us your plan of activities going forward?

– 今後はどういった活動を予定していますか?


I’m currently working on a music video for “Mad at Disney,” so stay tuned! That process has been really fun, and definitely a bit out of my comfort zone creatively, but that’s what makes it exciting.


I think my team and I are going to make a really cool piece of art, and I can’t wait to share it. As far as releases, I have a TON of unreleased music that I’m thrilled to put out! You can expect a single in the near future, and a bigger body of work in 2021.


I’m very impatient though, so I may end up leaking it on TikTok beforehand. I’m also still writing music everyday, so the content will never really run out.


salem ilese – mad at disney (live session)

– Do you dance or have any plan to collaborate with dance creators? (since we are viral dance media)


– あなたがダンスをしたり、ダンスクリエイターとのコラボレーションの予定はありますか?


 I took dance lessons for years growing up, and was a cheerleader all throughout high school. Dance was a really big part of my childhood, though I was never very good at it.


Now, I prefer to leave the dancing to the experts, but I would love to do more dance collaborations with my music! I’ve really enjoyed watching the dances people have been making to “Mad at Disney;” they blow me away. I would love to see more, and maybe one day I’ll even try to learn one!

今では、ダンスは専門家に任せたほうがいいと思っているけど、自分の音楽とのコラボレーションはもっとしていきたいです! 「マッド・アット・ディズニー」で色々な人が踊っているのを見るのは本当に楽しかったし、感動しました。もっともっと見たいわ。そして、いつの日か踊ってみるかもしれないです!


Other songs posted on Tiktok are also wonderful and reflect her charms. Today, Salem keeps attracting more and more fans. We are looking forward to seeing her activities and maybe we can see her dance (or someone dance in her music video) in the near future.

TikTok上で投稿されている他の楽曲も飾らない彼女の魅力たっぷりの素敵な楽曲ばかりで、さらに多くのファンを獲得し続けています。 彼女の更なる活躍と、いつかダンスを見られることを楽しみにしたいと思います!



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